Jewellery according to your Mom's personality

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Do you want to surprise her on this special day? Here is a selection of jewelry specially designed for your Mom's personality to help you choose the perfect gift.

When placing your order, remember to write your Mom's address so that the gift arrives directly at the door of her house and prevent it from being exposed during the coronavirus pandemic. 

We want to help you give away a piece that matches your Mom's personality. Take a look at the different personalities below to see which pieces we recommend you as gifts.

Working or Entrepreneurial Mom

Does your mom wake up very early to go to work, with little time to get ready? Is she a businesswoman or entrepreneur? Does she have little time to think about what to wear? What she needs are versatile pieces that match all looks, are not heavy and are timeless and classic. These pieces are easy to combine and always look elegant:

  1. Orm Earrings 
  2. Spine Ring
  3. Aston Earrings
  4. Mini Triangle Necklace

Athlete and super fit mom

Is your mom one of those who doesn't miss a Spinning, Barre or Crossfit class? Is she one of those who does triathlons and marathons? These pieces are girls, they don't get in the way when exercising and they add a classic touch to your sporty looks.

  1. 14k Gold circle studs 
  2. Baby Hoops
  3. Mini Cardio Necklace
  4. Mini Spiral Necklace

Handy and chef mom 

Does she love cooking and getting things ready in the kitchen? Is she the best at solving all kinds of "technical" problems around the house? Does she live by painting or fixing things in the house? For this type of women who are very creative and manual, we recommend necklaces and bracelets that do not get in the way and are not damaged by chemicals, paint or dirt.

  1. Sankuru Bracelet
  2. Black Ear Jacket
  3. Boomerang Necklace
  4. Helen Earring

Traveling mom

Does she have a lot of work or pleasure trips? For those women who travel a lot and must always pack in a practical way, we recommend easy-to-combine jewelry that can be stored in a suitcase or even carried on a plane. Here we leave you some essential pieces of jewelry for travel.

  1. 14k Gold Threader Triangle Earring 
  2. Black and White Adar Earcuff
  3. Jungle ring
  4. Sankuru bracelet

Distracted mom

Is she very distracted and loses her things easily? Is it hard for you to put on objects with small brooches? Does heavy jewelry hurt you? Here we leave you easy pieces to put on and also very beautiful.

  1. Jungle Bracelet
  2. Cahira Earrings
  3. Sterling Silver Purple stone ring 

Stylish mom

Does she always have perfect hands and nails? We leave you some perfect rings to use as an accessory on an equally perfect hand.

  1. 14k Yellow Gold Square Blue Sapphire Ring 
  2. Spiral Ring
  3. Caia Ring

Host mom and party girl

Is your mom always planning to invite people over, celebrating any occasion and always being the best hostess? These products can be an ideal gift so that you always have the perfect accessory to receive people.

  1. Persephone Earrings 
  2. Coppe Necklace 
  3. Clementine Earrings

Hippie mom 

Is your mom something of a hippie, a believer in energies and vibes, a fan of astrology and incense? These pieces are perfect for her! Never spare a quartz of protection...

  1. Oval Cabochon Onix Necklace Silver 
  2. 14k Yellow Gold Rose Quartz Ring 

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