Boss babes wear hoops

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”When the hoop earrings go on, the boss babe comes out” says a phrase. And it is that, as classic as it is in trend, if there is a piece of jewellery that we can say that the moment, fashion, condition or social circumstance does not matter, but that it remains the hoop earrings. Small or large, with applications of gems, pendants or alone, they are a piece of jewellery that over time has become a symbol of feminine power.

Some 'hoops' can up-lift the most casual look, make us feel better, or be used as a symbol to conquer any obstacle in our day.

We could say, as explained by Paulina Villalpando, founder of PAAR, that hoops are one of the first pieces of jewellery recorded in history. More than an accessory, hoops have a unique meaning that dates back to 2,500 B.C. in Nubia, a civilization located in what is now Sudan. Heavy and thick gold earrings were also worn by Egyptian royalty to symbolize wealth and power; while the Greeks and Etruscans created their own variation, which they considered a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Over time, hoops became a classic piece of jewellery, thanks to the splendor promoted by the great Hollywood stars. Personalities like Cher and Diana Ross stood out for wearing hoop earrings with super original designs frequently at concerts, daily life and photo shoots.

The most interesting thing comes during the 1960s and 1970s, where earrings became a representative symbol of women's liberation, especially among African-American and Latina women in the United States. It was then that the earrings gained strength as symbols of identity, pride and empowerment, mainly among women of color, but also other groups.

Today, influential women like Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce wear hoop earrings as part of their wardrobe, probably knowing that hoops represent values ​​such as equality and are a symbol against discrimination.

With the fashion for multiple piercings, the 'hoops' have become an unmissable basic, which can be modified with different charms and inlays. This trend has also gained traction with people of other genders, including men looking to diversify their wardrobe and looking for versatile jewelry pieces.

PAAR has a diverse range of hoop earrings, from Micro Hoops to Baby Hoops, in sterling silver or 14-carat gold, ideal for daily use or with other piercings and can be complemented with mini charms. PAAR also offers Medium and Large Hoops, Twisted Hoops, and Hoop Earrings, a longer variation on more traditional hoops, but still hoops.

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