37 things I'd like to eat on my last day on Earth

Paulina Villalpando

I recently finished reading the novel Tierra, by Eloy Moreno. In this novel, group of humans is selected to go on a mission to Mars with the goal of saving everyone on Earth. NASA recently showed us never-before-seen images of the universe. All this makes me think about everything I like about living on this planet. If Elon Musk arrived in his spaceship next Saturday (my 37th birthday) and forced me to move to another planet, these would be the 37 things I would like to eat on my last day on planet Earth.


  1. Cart potatoes with lemon and chili (the kind they sell in Bosque de Chapultepec)
  2. Movie theater popcorn (preferably salty mixed with sweet)
  3. Calabaza en tacha (for those who don't know what the hell this is, it's something my maternal grandmother and my mother make in November, it's a pumpkin cooked with brown sugar, cinnamon and orange, it looks disgusting but it tastes delicious)
  4. Marzipan from La Rosa
  5. Moyo yogurt ice cream taro flavored (preferably with strawberry, marzipan and mango)
  6. Tamales (preferably the nutty one and the chocolate one from Tamales Madre)
  7. Green Aguachile (from Mazatlan)
  8. Chicken flautas with green sauce
  9. Quesillo quesadillas (the fried ones with cream, cheese and sauce)
  10. Molletes (a Mexican dish with homemade bread, beans and grilled oaxacan chesse)
  11. Refried bay beans with lard (I know- the kind my grandmother used to cook in Mazatlán)
  12. Tacos al pastor

  1. Gluten-free pizza from Farina or Sweet Thursday (preferably in the company of Mich Allen and Floki, his dog)
  2. Mezcal because "for all bad mezcal and for all great as well"
  3. Paloma Pintada (a mexican drink with: Tequila, Mineral Water, Lemon, Squirt)
  4. French fries (the thin ones)
  5. Coconut ice lolly (water) from La Michoacana
  6. Coconut with lemon, salt and lots of Valentina (the kind sold on the Mazatlan boardwalk)
  7. Scallop with lemon and chili
  8. Pineapple
  9. Mango

  1. Olives (preferably the ones called Castelvetrano, but if there aren't any then whatever)
  2. Bubble Tea (with plastic-free packaging)
  3. an avocado taco
  4. Grilled salmon with salt and pepper
  5. Chocolate
  6. Oatmeal cookies (here you can see the recipe)
  7. Milanese with lemon, salt and green sauce
  8. Rice Krispies treats (homemade, not the ones sold in the supermarket)
  9. Pozole from Casa de Toño
  1. Contramar tuna toast
  2. A white wine cup
  3. A cheese board with strawberries (as in Ratatouille)
  4. Filling grape leaves (hojas de parra, a Lebanese dish)
  5. Hummus with pita bread
  6. Blueberries
  7. Pulparindos (a Mexican candy of tamarind pulp)
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