Can moonstones help you see into the future?

Scarlet Angel

Each month has one or several designated stones. June has three: Moonstones, Pearls and Alexandrites. This post will focus on Moonstones, one of the most mystical stones and one of our favourites!

Moonstones are often associated with love, passion and fertility and are famous for promoting tranquillity and sensuality. A glowing vitality emanates from these incredible stones, re-energizing the mind, body and soul, and washing all negativity away. Moonstones are believed to bring luck, and legends say that if you hold a moonstone in your mouth during full moon, you can see into the future (we haven’t personally tried this ourselves, but maybe we will someday!).

Above: Our 14k Gold Cabochon Turquoise and moonstone ring

Moonstones are special because they produce a phenomenon called adularescence, which is when light appears to be flowing across the gemstone, giving its surface a blue glow. This stone is mined mainly in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar and Tanzania.

If you have Moonstone jewellery piece, you should wash it using soapy warm water and a soft brush and avoid use of harsh chemicals or commercial jewellery cleaning products that can damage the stone.

We also have lose moonstones that you can turn into your on bespoke jewellery piece. Contact us for more information!

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