5 advantages of repairing your jewellery

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At PAAR we are constantly looking for ways to become more socially and environmentally responsible. That's why we recently officially launched our repair services. We offer maintenance and repairs in all kinds of jewellery: PAAR pieces, pieces from other brands, and imitation jewellery.


1. Avoid consumerism

The main advantage of repairing your jewellery (versus throwing it away or giving it away) is avoiding having to buy a new piece. The planet's resources are limited, and by reusing our things as much as possible, we are helping to reduce waste, avoid consumerism and avoid the over-exploitation of natural resources.


2. Extend life span

Repairing and maintaining your jewelry pieces extends their useful life. This avoids having to buy new parts all the time.

Extending the life of any good is a way to guarantee sustainable production and consumption patterns, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal #12.


3. Wear it, use it! 

One of the main reasons we stop wearing clothes, jewellery or accessories is because something doesn't work or doesn't fit us. But that does not mean that we have stopped liking it, we have simply been lazy to take it to be adjusted or repaired.

One of the great advantages of repairing or adjusting your jewellery (such as the size of a ring) is being able to use those pieces that we love so much and give them back the spotlight they had in our wardrobe.


4. It's a good investment

We all have pieces of jewellery that may have been an inheritance or a gift. However, many of these inheritances or gifts are no longer in good condition or have deteriorated, reducing their commercial value. Regularly maintaining and repairing these pieces of jewellery is one of the best ways to keep their commercial value as well as their sentimental value.


5. Give it a "twist" 

There are times when some pieces of jewellery (for example, the one that is too old and has too much wear) can no longer be repaired. In those cases, it is sometimes possible to re-use the raw material (such as gold, platinum or gems) and create an entirely new piece.

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