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Scarlet Angel

Beyond a date to commemorate women, the month of March is synonymous with the struggle to achieve equality, respect for the rights and lives of women around the world and, also, to remind us that united we are stronger. With feminism as a personal flag for both Paulina Villalpando, founder of PAAR, and her team, and after the experience lived in the massive #8M march in 2020, the Mexican jewelry brand launches THE EMPOWERMENT COLLECTION. One year after launching the Empowerment Ring, they add a new bracelet, necklace and pendant with phrases that remind us of the importance of fighting for women's rights and reaffirming our feminine power. 

Like the highly successful Empowerment Ring, the new bracelet, pendant and necklace are crafted in 14 karat gold and sterling silver. Each of the pieces can be engraved with one of the available phrases, which on this occasion PAAR selected from a survey it conducted with its clients to find out their favorite phrases on female empowerment.


The messages and phrases that are already part of the catalog are: 8M, “Ni una Menos”, Feminist, Feminine Feminist, Women Unite, “Histórica”, “Guerrera”, “Sin miedo”, “Mujer tenía que ser”, I believe you, The future is female and You Are Not Alone, which were taken from the 2020 march, the largest in the history of Mexico. In addition, PAAR introduces new phrases in English, as part of its goal of positioning itself in English-speaking countries, and sharing this discourse. Because the fight for women's rights and the problems of discrimination, harassment and abuse are everywhere and in every country.


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