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When a baby is born, it is customary to fill him or her with gifts; however, many times the mother, who makes an enormous physical and mental effort before and during the pregnancy, does not receive the attention she deserves. Hence the tradition of the 'push present' was born, a gift that captures the magic of that moment forever. As a fine handmade jewellery brand, we share with you some of its ideal pieces to give to mothers.

A push present is a gift given to a woman shortly after giving birth, usually by her spouse or partner; although many times it is also customary to receive them from the close family (siblings, parents, in-laws). Its name refers to the effort of labor and it is customary to give it on the day of birth, or a few days later, during recovery at home or in the hospital. Some people prefer to give it before the madness of having the new baby at home, this way it marks the beginning of the special moment they are about to experience as a family.

Although it is not necessary to give a gift, since the joy of receiving a baby at home is enough, more and more couples and families are bringing this type of gift as a detail to remember those nine months of pregnancy or all that it means to bring a new person into the world. It is also customary for the mother herself to give herself a jewel or some other luxury item to commemorate the occasion, since it does not necessarily have to be a gift from someone else. The idea of ​​the push present is that it is unique piece of jewellery with which this change is marked forever in life. These types of gifts are common in Mexico and in other countries, such as England and Spain.

Many families have the tradition of completing the wedding trousseau with an extra churumbela, a necklace or representative earrings, although there are also rings with the birthstones of the children and which are modified with the birth of each of the new members of the family. family.

Some of the push presents of royalty are: the 18-carat gold diamond infinity ring to Kate Middleton, and the 18-carat gold Marguerite earrings with diamonds to Meghan Markle. While celebrities like Kylie Jenner were given a diamond ring; Kim Kardashian a diamond choker, and Beyoncé a ring with a blue gem, Jay Z's favorite color. Another type of 'push present' is the Rolls Royce for the model Blac Chyna, and the motorcycle that the singer Pink received.



As one of the few jewelry brands in Mexico that designs and produces fine jewelry pieces on request, PAAR recommends contacting the team a few weeks in advance, since all the pieces are entirely handmade by artisans in Mexico City.

“PAAR makes push presents that adapt to each person's budget. There are many colored gems and metals that can be used to make earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets or any other special piece”, says Paulina Villalpando, founder of the brand. In addition, as part of the brand's philosophy and DNA, recycled metals and reclaimed gems from family pieces can be used, adding a much more sustainable touch, that of history and family charms.

Although push presents are customary in gold or platinum, with diamonds or colored gems such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds or tourmalines. In the end there are no rules, and the best design is the one that the clients like.

Among the 'push presents' that are most requested in PAAR are:

- Empowerment necklace or Empowerment pendant with the name of the baby and/or other family members

- Infinity rings with the baby’s birthstone and other family members. Every time you have a child, a new infinity ring is added to the 'stack'.

- Necklace with a single gem or accompanied by other gems such as diamonds.

- Diamond earrings or any other gem and rings of all styles: smooth with an engraving inside, a signet or with a significant gem.

- Pieces with medals or plaques with the baby's initials.

- 14k gold bracelets, such as the Empowerment Bracelet or the traditional bracelets for mom/baby.

 Also, PAAR recommends push presents in 14-karat gold, platinum, or silver, with diamonds or colored gemstones. In colored stones, a fun tradition is to associate the gem with the baby's birthstone.

 "A 'push present' is a great gesture on the part of a couple to honor such a special moment in the life of a person and a family," shares Paulina. In addition, giving a piece of fine jewelry is an ideal gift, since it can be worn by the mother first, and then be inherited until it becomes a family heirloom loaded with meaning.

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