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A piece of jewellery by itself denotes a unique meaning, but when it involves love and awareness behind it, it is even more special. With this in mind, PAAR, the fine jewellery firm that celebrates its 20th birthday this year, proposes gift options to celebrate the international day of love.



In the WILD collection Paulina Villalpando, founder of PAAR, unites her two greatest passions: environmental conservation and jewelry. The jaguar, the golden eagle, the turtle and the gray wolf are the endangered national species that inspire the four pendants that make up this permanent collection. 50% of the profits from this collection are donated quarterly to Natura y Ecosistemas Mexicanos A.C., a non-profit association that focuses its efforts on the conservation of the ecosystems and species of the Lacandon Jungle.



As part of its commitment to sustainability, PAAR promotes the recycling of metals and the reuse of gems. The gem recycling and redesign service is one of the most popular at PAAR, and consists of clients delivering bits and pieces (chains, broken or damaged pieces) to melt and create a new piece with a special value.



With feminism as a personal flag for both Paulina Villalpando and her team, and after the experience lived in the massive #8M march in 2020, the Mexican jewelry brand launched the Empowerment ring in 2021, and The Empowerment Collection in 2022 This permanent collection of a ring, bracelet, pendant and necklace celebrates all women and their personal power. Each of the pieces can be engraved with a message of female empowerment and are the perfect gift for friends, family, or as an empowering self-gift.



PAAR is one of the few jewellery firms in Mexico that designs and produces fine jewellery pieces to order. Produces engagement rings and wedding bands. PAAR's engagement rings are made 100% by hand in Mexico City and are unconventional. They can have white diamonds and colored gems such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other natural gems, depending on the taste and budget of each client. The process is totally personalized and to start it is recommended to make an appointment with the PAAR team.


This is how PAAR shares some of its pieces to express love for that special person on this Valentine's Day, so that it lasts for eternity.

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