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At PAAR we aspire to be a 100% sustainable luxury brand. For this reason, we are promoting the recycling of metals and the reuse of gems with our clients.

We all have bits and pieces (chains, unmatched earrings, etc). That metal can be melted down to create a new part. Gems, such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, among others, can also be reused.

In this post we explain the process.

Advantages of recycling your gold and gems

Social and environmental

Some companies that irresponsibly mine gold and other metals, at least 180 million tons of toxic waste into rivers, lakes and oceans each year. Mining can also be associated with deforestation, destruction of natural ecosystems, abuses of workers' human rights, and child labor exploitation. By recycling your gold and gems you help prevent us from buying new raw materials and you help reduce these negative effects. For example, if you recycle your gold, the impact will be 600 times less than when you mine it new.

For your economy

A piece of fine jewelry made from brand new gems and metals would cost 3 to 10 times more than a piece made partly or entirely from reclaimed metal or gems. Contributing the metal and gems does not mean that your piece will be free, but it does substantially reduce the cost.



The process of creating jewelry using recycled metal and gems usually takes a bit longer as it involves: receiving the metal and/or gems; evaluate them; design the piece; and make it by hand.

The steps are:

1. Gather all the metal and gems that you want to recycle and write to to coordinate the delivery and evaluate your pieces. For now we only accept gold, platinum and silver.

2. Participate in the design process of your new piece.

3. Receive the quote and do the 50% down payment or pay Monthly Without Interest (from $3,000 mxn pesos).

4. Receive images and videos of the handmade work in your piece.

5. Once the piece is finished, pay the rest and send us your information to coordinate the delivery.

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