How to take care of your silver jewellery

Paulina Villalpando

Sterling silver is a great metal, however, it naturally oxidizes when in contact with oxygen.

Although it may seem like the end of the world when it happens, it is very easy to fix. Here are a five tips to keep your silver jewellery shiny for longer.

1. Take it off

Take your jewellery off when applying lotion, perfume, soaps, or when excercising (Sweat can tarnish your jewellery!), showering or swimming.

2. It will tarnish

Silver oxidises naturally, so if you leave your jewellery lying around and not wear it very often it will most likely tarnish. To slow down this process, it is better to store your silver jewellery in air tight bags to avoid contact with oxigen. 

3. Wear it

The best way to give silver back its beautiful shine is to wear it more often. Contact with your skin and clothes will naturally 'polish' the piece and give it back its natural silver shine. 

4. Polish it at home

Find an old cotton t-shirt and cut a piece out. Rub your piece gently with it to remove the tarnish. 

5. Make an appointment

When home solutions aren't enough, you can always book an appointment with us to give your piece a professional polish and clean. 

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