Earth Month at PAAR

Paulina Villalpando

April is Earth Month. At PAAR, we have the ambition to become a 100% sustainable jewelry company. Repairing jewelry and recycling pieces helps reduce the need for new items and decreases the amount of resources we demand from the planet.

For the first time we will be hosting an event specially dedicated to clients: PAAR'S Repair & Recycle Fest.

For two days, we will be welcoming customers who want to repair their jewelry or redesign/recycle pieces with a special 15% discount.

Additionally, all customers who attend our festival will receive a special little gift.



Friday, April 26, from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM Saturday, April 27, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Location: Liverpool 174, Floor 1-A11, Col Juárez

We recommend scheduling an appointment in advance since we will be seeing customers one by one to give them our full attention. Schedule appointment now!


How does it work?

Recycling or Redesigning Pieces:

Bring any piece of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry that you have and want to redesign or melt down and turn into a new piece. You can also bring loose stones that you want to use for your piece.


Bring any piece of jewelry (it doesn't have to be from PAAR) that you want to clean, resize, shrink, or repair.


Recycling jewelry offers several benefits

1. Sustainability: By reusing materials, recycling jewelry reduces the need for new resources, conserving energy and reducing environmental impact.

2. Cost-effectiveness: Recycling old jewelry can be more affordable than buying new pieces, especially when it comes to precious metals and gemstones.

3. Customization: Recycled jewelry can be redesigned and customized according to personal preferences, providing a unique and individualized style.

4. Ethical sourcing: Using recycled materials reduces the demand for newly mined metals and gemstones, contributing to ethical and responsible sourcing practices.

5. Environmental conservation: Recycling jewelry helps to minimize the ecological footprint associated with mining and processing raw materials, leading to a cleaner and healthier planet.

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