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Club Reforma (Octubre 2017)

Paulina Villalpando, fundadora y diseñadora de PAAR aparece esta semana en el periódico Club Reforma. | Paulina Villalpando, founder and designer of PAAR was featured this week in Mexican newspaper Club Reforma.

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DF DISEÑO 2015 Every year, Travesias Media publishes one guide about something special happening in Mexico City. This year, the editorial team dedicated the guide to Mexico City's design scene. I am very happy to share with you that PAAR, my jewelry brand, was featured in the Mexican Designers section of the guide, along with 11 other talented young designers like Lorena Saravia and Alejandra Quesada. If you are living in Mexico City or visiting soon, have a look at this amazing piece of editorial work. Please visit the official website to find out where you can buy the guide.----------------------Cada año, Travesías Media publica una guía sobre algo especial sucediendo en la Ciudad de México. Este año, el equipo editorial...

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